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Safety Specialist

Posted: Apr 17, 2018

PCC Structurals – LPC, Large Steel & Titanium Ops – Portland, OR

Fosters, directly and indirectly, by action, example and training, a comprehensive safety program throughout the Structurals Division, at all locations. Monitors potential health and safety conditions of the workplace; identifies problems, recommends solutions, and ensures that the on-going safety system is corrected to incorporate the changes.

Safety Specialist

Posted: Feb 12, 2018

Location Portland, OR

This position will work in the Environmental Health & Radiation Safety program (EHRS) with duties that encompass all missions of OHSU. EHRS oversees/manages programs and policies aimed at minimizing safety, health, environmental, and regulatory risks to the OHSU community.  The EHRS program encompasses chemical, biosafety, fire/life safety, radiation safety, as well as general safety oversight across the university.  Projects and/or responsibilities in other departments may also be assigned.